Episode 90 – Bonus Round

Episode 90 – Bonus Round


Lots of things guys –

I may be at the SSK market! I’ll keep you posted!

Winners of the Start-along –
Laurie521 won the Daizieknits yarn, CaffeinatedGert won the Fondant Fibre punies! Congrats, ladies!

AND We’re going into a Bonus Round! This month, keep showing me what you’ve started! Using the same threads, start opening a new thread for each thing you start. I’m giving away a skein of superwash merino fingering weight from A Riot of Color and a one-of-a-kind batt from a friend at guild.

FO – Indy Dishcloth out of I Love this Yarn! Stripes in Too Pink.

WIPs –

Spinning –
KnittyandColor merino in Tidepool colorway. Split down the middle lengthwise, spinning end-to-end, will chain ply.

Acquisitions –

  • Some decals to put on my spinning wheel from Old Time Pottery
  • My yarn from the yarn crawl came in – Shepards Wool 3 ply Merino in Sage. SO SOFT.

Tour de Fleece!
Team Caffeinated 2014 – I really have no goal set yet beyond spinning every day.

Still gotta knit that SPAKAL sweater, need to work more from patterns I already own, I finished some socks for the hubs (yay!), and I still have a hairpin lace project, the Sipalu Bag, Radiating Suede Star AfghanAugusta cardigan](/projects/Mandikat/augusta-cardigan), and The Oncoming Storm.

Thank you CoggieTM for KISSy the Sheep!

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