Episode 55 – A Little Bummed

Episode 55 – A Little Bummed


Blip won’t get me down, dangit!

Today I talk about…

….the Prediction giveaway (post if you think I’ll have the Light and Up shawl completed by SAFF, if you’re right and the RNG loves you, you win Eucalan!)  That fiber came from Urban Gypz.

….the Doctor Who-Along.  Anything inspired by Doctor Who.  Lots of pattern suggestions in the thread.  I’m making a shawl… calling it The Oncoming Storm.  Difficulties this week.  Fiber from Daizieknits. Color Wheel has a new colorway.

….Guild meeting and lovely day!!!  I got some stuffs.  Shame on me.  And here’s a link to Knit Me Happy’s tutorial.  And Yarn Haven. And Old Mill Bread Company on facebook.

Episode 54 – Circles!


Fun episode today.

First, the Mercedes craft-along is over, and mama2LilynDevon – you won the Nooch Fiber yarn!! Congrats!

Second – the Who-along has started! I talk about the fun with my The Oncoming Storm and it’s beads (fiber from DaizieKnits on etsy).

I finished a mug cozy and show you how to crochet a circle!

Also working on – Paul’s Black Socks (they are simple skyp socks out of yarn from knit and fiber creations), Augusta Cardigan (out of New England Knits), and Light and Up.

Spun some on the Gnomeacre’s Gnomeberry, who’s shop is here.

Got a new bag for my Little Gem! The California Pak Big Eazy Rolling Tote from Amazon. If you want one, you can do a more extensive search on google for it and find even more patterns.

And finally, will I finish my Light and Up to enter at SAFF? If your prediction is correct and the RNG likes you, you’ll win a sample pack of Eucalan! Visit the thread stickied in the group for details!

Episode 53 – I say the “S” word!

Show isn’t explicit, I promise!

Show notes available soon!