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Episode 157 – Sweaters and SAFF

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So, today I ramble on about my works in progress (knitting AND spinning, ladies and gentlemen!!), SAFF and my acquisitions, a rare breed, and some thoughts about…. sweaters. Also, I decide during this half hour that I am going to extend the Fade into Fall until the end of the month. Mainly because I would really like the motivation to finish my So, Faded this month. As usual, all information about projects can be found on my project pages.

Episode 156 – Blocked It Wrong!

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No show notes today… off to SAFF!!

Episode 155 – Sometimes you love the needles…

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Thanks for stopping by!  A couple of WIPS and a crochet (gasp!) FO!  Enjoy!  As usual you can find details about all my projects on my Ravelry project page.