We Are Yarn — A Fiber Podcast

Episode 150 – Procrastiknit?

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This episode I showed off my progress on the Celadon shawl and Morning Mist top, show off my Tour de Fleece spinning so far, and announce a new knit-along! There will be a separate chatter thread (rules are in the chatter thread) and FO thread for that… Thanks for watching!

Episode 149 – Starting, again.

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Here we go! This is a more lengthy podcast after a brief life-in-the-way absence.

Please take my poll? I’d really appreciate the feedback.

I’m working on….
Joji Starting Point Mystery Wrap by Joji Locatelli, yarns discussed.
Celadon Shawl by Ambah, yarns discussed.
Eucool Morning Mist by Annie Rowden, yarns discussed.
My Hat for Kiddos, design out of my own skull, for the charity drive hosted by Knit the Books, that i was convinced would fit this month and doesn’t.

Spinning some Urban Gypz that’s as old as the hills, pretty excited to have that going.

Thanks for hanging out with me today!!

Episode 148 – A Very Good Place to Start

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I show you progress on my Celadon, the Mystery KAL Starting Point (i’m not even all the way through clue 1…), and a new crochet project I randomly started.  Enjoy!