Episode 25 – Pronk like no one is watching!

Episode 25 – Pronk like no one is watching!


So, so many things to show you guys today!

First, thanks busymom. You rock!

Secondly,  about the music.  I had second thoughts about using We Are Young by FUN! when I saw a discussion about use of music in podcasts in Ravelry.  I swear I remember reading somewhere that you could use up to 30 seconds of a song without breaking copyright, but now I can’t find that without reference to reviewing the song.  So, I have decided to pull it from my podcast.  Sadly.  I know a lot of you guys liked it.  But, I found Kitten Knittin Blues by Jacob Haller on the podsafe network and I fell in love.  Like, 2 years ago.  So, at least for the time being, that’s going to be my intro/exit music.  It’s a funny song.  I mean, what drugstore sells yarn?!?  Hah!  And he’s knitting a kitten.  A siamese.  Go give the full song a listen.

National Crochet Month!

Retreaty goodness


  • Cerisara (elsabeth lavold silky wool)
  • Asterope (wolle’s color changing cotton)
  • For Good (luxury cashmere aran)
  • Socks (paton’s kroy sock stripe)


Aplaca Show!


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