Episode 167 – Imagi-knitting


This week I talk about….
My Lemongrass
My Depth
My GoT socks
And my finished 3 Color Cashmere Cowl

Big shout-out and super thanks to CarolinaSpinner for not only inspiring the Year of the Sweater, but for donating such an amazing prize – a sweater’s quantity of yarn, winner’s choice of weight and color!!! Ashley, you’re the bee’s knees!!

I’ve done some imagiknitting… a lot of it. A few projects I’ve finished in my brain (hah! I wish I had the FO’s!!)
Audra Wrap
Winter Spark
Lilla Bjorn Sweater

….and that’s just a sampling. There are sooo many more projects I wish I could be knitting right now! The right patterns have finally come along for some of my stash yarn and I’m so excited to finally have “homes” for the skeins. Now I just need some knitting time!! Hah!

Please hang around after the end song for a outtake with my little man.

Episode 166 – #notedinburgh


I wasn’t in Edinburgh, but I was in Brevard and visited the Sun Dragon Arts and Fiber and the Knitting Diva (going out of business sorry!) and managed to find a haul that would rival that of an Edinburgh Yarn Fest attendee!

Episode 164 – Cardi Clusters


All details of projects can be found on my Ravelry project page!