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Episode 173 – I want in! No, I want out!

Episode 170 – And So Ends Quarter 2!

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DQknits you’re quarter 2 winner! Please message me with which giftable sweater pattern you’d like!

I finished that Lemongrass! The Veronika will be next.
I continued working on the Deschain, and noticed how life can affect your gauge.
I am so near finishing the Depth cowl!
And, I am slowing spinning some undyed Corriedale to make into a Japan Sleeves

Thanks for visiting with me today!

Episode 169 – Maybe I do need more coffee.

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Projects discussed today:
And some ancient alpaca from local Frostglen I did a little spinning experiment on!

Remember to get your finished sweaters in the FO thread for this quarter before the end of the month!

Episode 168 – Gremlins!

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Oh, how the Gremlins have attacked this week.

First, I’ll show you how they attacked my Swing-back top Swing-back Willow from last year.

Then, how they turned their sights on all three (yes, three) of my current WIPs.
Sand Shore
Dotted Rays

Hope they left you alone! See you next time!