We Are Yarn — A Fiber Podcast

Episode 106 – Awkward….

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So, there are fun technical difficulties.

Hey, ktaboh – you won the Twist Fiber Studios fiber!! You and CarolinaSpinner can get in touch regarding the details of how you will come to have the beautiful gradient in your hands!

The Featured FO this week is from Dutchgirl63. She shared a pretty darned awesome 3 in 1 she calls Tickled by Strength of the Moon. Thanks for sharing and beautiful job, Monique!

My WIPS are my #everystitcheveryprayerforfru socks and my SPAKAL 2012 – yes, this has been ongoing for more than 2 years now.

I went to Fiber in the Boro! I patroned P is for PrimitiveRiver’s Edge Fiber Arts, Unwind Yarn Company, The Color Wheel Yarn, Kim’s Nest, and Fringe. What a fun trip with beautiful things to see and fun friends to spend the day with, even if it was SO COLD!

Episode 105 – Guilty Pleasure?

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This week I am fascinated with a blank spot on the wall and share my guiltiest guilty pleasure.


  • 400 member giveaway! Yay Jellybean and DQknits, the RNG picked you! Contact me after you watch the ep – I have some instruction!
  • Twist Fiber Kickstarter ends Nov 1 as does the giveaway!
  • I’ll be at Fiber in the Boro! Yay! Podcaster meetup at 2pm at the Unwind Yarn Co booth!

FO fun!


I talk about the Jacob breed. My Jacob is from Ivy Brook Meadow.

NaNoSweaMo is next month – are you going to try to knit a sweater?

Viewer questions: My guiltiest guilty pleasure?

Episode 104 – How many yards are in a mile again?

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This week, the imperial system is hard.


  • 400 member giveaway!
  • Twist Fiber Studio giveaway
  • I will be at Fiber in the Boro on Nov 1 – if you see me, ask for a button! And a hug!

Featured FO


  • A little crochet box for my remotes – made from my own little brain out of t-shirt yarn from a goodie bag. Ran of out yarn a little short. Considering trying again with a different yarn as the bottom.
  • Pavoyou must get some Tango from Daizieknits.
  • Garnet Jane – I’ve started another Jane!



In question time, I answer a few more questions and forget how many yards are in a mile. It’s 1760. I was WAY off. Way off. So, I am not as close to SABLE as I thought! Yay!