We Are Yarn — A Fiber Podcast
Episode 108 – Shakers and Soapboxes

Episode 105 – Guilty Pleasure?

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This week I am fascinated with a blank spot on the wall and share my guiltiest guilty pleasure.


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FO fun!


I talk about the Jacob breed. My Jacob is from Ivy Brook Meadow.

NaNoSweaMo is next month – are you going to try to knit a sweater?

Viewer questions: My guiltiest guilty pleasure?

Episode 104 – How many yards are in a mile again?

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This week, the imperial system is hard.


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Featured FO


  • A little crochet box for my remotes – made from my own little brain out of t-shirt yarn from a goodie bag. Ran of out yarn a little short. Considering trying again with a different yarn as the bottom.
  • Pavoyou must get some Tango from Daizieknits.
  • Garnet Jane – I’ve started another Jane!



In question time, I answer a few more questions and forget how many yards are in a mile. It’s 1760. I was WAY off. Way off. So, I am not as close to SABLE as I thought! Yay!

Episode 103 – And now for something completely different…

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  • cool bag from my Mama from The Nature Conservancy