We Are Yarn — A Fiber Podcast
Episode 130 – Trading in my Identity

Episode 127 – New Year, New Norm

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I made an error I realized after rendering to mp4 – I actually recorded on January 4! Oops!

I think the new norm for the podcast will be unavoidable baby noises. Sorry guys… new mom and all. And, as sillyfru has pointed out, it’s kinda weird recording when people are home, so you’ll get to hear Isaac a whole lot in the future. I’m sorry if this turns you off… please send me a (polite) private message if this a problem for you and I’ll try to record only during naptimes, but then recording and release schedules will vary more. So be patient with us! Thanks!

Cawl me – see the Sassypants Knitter group for details on the Don’t Horde the Precious challenge.
Knitted Christmas Stockings

Radiating Suede Star Afghan
Shetland Bolt

Funky Carolina Superwash Merino / Cashmere / Silk in Bombit colorway – see the Caffeinated Knitting Podcast group for details on the Spin 12 in 16 challenge.

Episode 126 – Knittin’ in the Mommy-hood

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Pretty lengthy episode, with an appearance by my new production assistant and birth story at the end in case you’re interested!

FO – Piper’s Journey

WIP – Fizzy socks, Fruju Wild Goose, Zoe

Spinning – two skeins of shetland (one grey, one dark brown) to make a Bolt

Acquisitions at SAFF from Interlacements (the row counter), jazzturtle creations, twist fiber studio, wolle’s yarn creations. Not shown: mug by Pawley Studios. Paralysis by analysis caused by Gerschubie fiber arts and Alisha goes Around.

That pattern from IW Knits is MacGowan Pullover

Episode 125 – So close, yet so far.

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So, no baby yet.
And thank you to all you guys that knitted for Isaac! You’re all wonderful!!

Baby Soft Blanket
Isaac’s Newborn Sock Hat
Inverness Diamonds Cowl
“Faux-by” Wrap

See You In September
Fizzy Socks
Piper’s Journey

Acquisitions –
Debbie Bliss Angel Prints and Araucania Andalien from Tuesday Morning
A couple of goodies from The Color Wheel Yarn
Some fiber from Northbound Knitting
An orifice hook from Absolute Wonder
Sock yarn from HD Yarns