We Are Yarn — A Fiber Podcast

Episode 131 – Minibreak Edition

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I only uploaded this to YouTube due to time constraints.  Enjoy!

Episode 130 – Trading in my Identity

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This week, I have a few FO’s (both by designer Nell Ziroli), I am working on the Hitofude pretty much exclusively, and spinning some KnittyandColor merino/silk. Acquired some Holly & Ivy, but it fit in the rules! Go check CaffeinatedGert out at her new channel, Coffee Fueled Life or at her blog coffeefueledlifepodcast.blogspot.com.

If you like YouTube, you can catch my videos there, too!

Episode 129 – One Last Look… (but not what you think)

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So, this visit I have a FO, some WIPs…. then some of those WIPS turn into FOs! And some spinning! Also covered… the upcoming demise of a past FO.