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Episode 112 – So This Is Christmas

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So grateful for this year. I’m feeling so blessed by new friends brought by my craft and the way the internet can bring far-away people so close. Feeling blessed at the promise of the Grace and Salvation that the Savior brings. Also, excited to be entering a New Year with a new set of crafting goals.

Talk to me about your own 2015 goals! The lovely daizie knits has offered a skein of her Tango colorway in the fingering weight base of your choosing. Come join the conversation and in January I’ll be drawing a name to win this beautiful colorway from this talented dyer.

I talked today about two WIPs: my Advent scarf and my Jingle socks.

I talked about a little spinning that I did using some Must Stash Yarns fiber. So yummy. Coral Reef colorway.

I talked about being blessed to receive some gifts – some Miss Babs in Cleopatra, an adorable bauble from P is for Primitive, some Eucalan and other goodies from the gift swap.

You saw me frog my Hairpin Lace project, and saw my Sipalu (what little there is of it).

Merry Christmas, Friends. Lets move into 2015 with hearts full of hope!

Episode 111 – The Zombies Ate My Show Notes!

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No, really.  They did!

I finished the Leaves on a Line shawl, I vent a little about nupps in my Advent Calendar Scarf, show you my needle adjacent socks (you’ve seen them before), and wrap up with a quick look at IW Crochet Winter 2015.

Have a great week!

Episode 110 – Zombies Ate My Knitting

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It’s December!  How was your Thanksgiving (if you’re in the States)?

Featured FO – phoenixfire’s Tree Topper Adorable tree, Tracy!

WIPs (honestly, the most that got done was on the Christmas gift and the Advent scarf. Also – I now realize I said I don’t knit scarves after talking about knitting the Advent scarf. It’s different. Don’t judge me.)

Advent Calendar Scarfher blog is here if you are interested in following along. You totally have time to catch up!

Leaves on the Line – Forget ripping back in an attempt to use up all the yarn. I’m forging ahead. You’ll see that FO next week!!

Radiating Star Suede Blanket Not going out of the WIP category, even though it doesn’t meet my knitting goals for the year. I’ve been putting rows on it here and there all through the year, I’m calling it a success.

No spinning, sorry.

Knitpicks has brought back Felici in a limited fashion. They are all out of Time Traveler now, but still have a couple of colorways in stock.