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Episode 137 – Fires in East Tennessee

Episode 134 – Boxy-ed In

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I finished my Boxy!

I am going to be casting on Palladio soonly (my project page is SPAKAL 2012), and finishing up Isaac’s Plesiosaur as my next step for the WIP-down.

Episode 133 – Spin Me Right ‘Round

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So, this week, I back up the truck and show you some Pissed Off Hummingbird from Highland Handmade andMountain Sound from Swoonish, both which should have made an appearance in the last episode’s finished spinning segment. I then go on to show you some Thus With A Kiss I Die from Leading Men Fiber Arts. My WIPs are the Boxy and my fruju Wild Goose shawlette for knitting, some Knittyandcolor in Frozen Solid that has been marinating in the stash for quite some time. I discuss my plans for my WIPs in there, along with my plans for my current spin. Discussed is my absolute need to knit the Japan Sleeves by Joji Locatelli, and the plans for my handspun shetland that may grow up finally to be a Palladio by Jane Richmond or Midsummer Aran by Ginevra Martin.

Episode 132 – Always Read Patterns to the End….

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So many projects, so little time to write show notes!  I’ll try to get it all in here soon….  Enjoy in the meantime!