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Episode 140 – Back in the Craft Room

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Well, guys, this week I’m back in my craft room! The projects I talk about are the Oceanbound and it’s corresponding KAL, Isaac’s hat, and the crochet shrug that is sadly going to the frog pond.

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Episode 139 – Giveaway and Cut Skeins

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Happy New Year! Today, let’s have a giveaway drawing, discuss the Oceanbound KAL, and then take a look at some FO’s: Jack n Coke socks, Fizzy Socks, and the FruJu Wild Goose Shawlette.

I want go into detail about my lack of 2017 goals and discuss my upcoming projects: finishing the Sipalu bag, finally getting around to the Seasons Shawl, starting a scrappy Granny Stripe afghan, and I want to spin. spin. spin.

Then, you need to see my new goodies!

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Episode 138 – Wibbly-Wobbly

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Due to the nature of where I recorded today, you may see a little wibbly wobbly action. So sorry.

Today, I talk first about Mandikat’s Holly’s Boot Toppers.

Then I remember announcements….
Oceanbound KAL to start as early as Christmas, to extend to the end of February. Come chatter about the yarns you’re going to choose (you may want to come chatter even if you haven’t picked out yarns yet, hint hint).
Giving away that lovely skein of yarn! You guys got me to 250 subscribers on YouTube! Leave a comment on the page for this episode on YouTube (link to come) for your chance to win the Poste Yarn Self Striping!

And then, I returned to regularly scheduled WIPs.
Fruju wild goose and Jack n Coke socks.

I also share some super secret knitting.