We Are Yarn — A Fiber Podcast
Episode 121 – Didn’t Realize it was Summer Solstice!

Episode 118 – Think Blue!

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As promised, here is a link to my YouTube channel.

I’m still not up to doing show notes, but everything I talked about can be found on my project page in Ravelry.  I’m pretty certain you need to be a member to view my notebook.   If you aren’t, why not?  You can also ask about anything I talk about here or on the ravelry group page.  Thanks for watching!

Episode 117 – Mojo’s Creeping Back!

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I was a little subdued for this episode. If you’re new, I usually have a little more pep. I hope you’ll forgive me.

So, my mojo is slooooowly coming back around. Still working on the See You in September, the Piper’s Journey, and put on my wheel some Fibernymph in Malibu for #neonApril.

The inspiration feels pretty deep, even tho the mojo still isn’t at 100%. Will be doing some obligation Drizzleknitting, have fallen in love with Curls by Hunter Hammersen (all of it), and the Dogwood Scarf in the last Interweave Crochet has caught my attention and heart and inspired me to comb the stash for acceptable yarns to get it on the hook.

Episode 116 – It’s Been Too Long!

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See my Ravelry notebook for all project information.

The lovely vendors who sold me their goods were Fondant Fibre and Twist Fiber Studio.