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Episode 104 – How many yards are in a mile again?
#crushthesack Handspun Auction for Fru!

#crushthesack Handspun Auction for Fru!

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Have you been sitting on pins and needles waiting for me to finish my #crushthesack auction spin for Sillyfru!  Wait no longer!  To enter the auction, start your bidding in the comments for this post.  Bidding will officially close October 15 at 12 noon eastern time, at which time I will email the winner with a paypal invoice and request a mailing address.

Here are the details….

I felt inspired by this beautiful braid of fiber, “Firefuly” colorway by Becoming Art on superwash merino.  It’s rainbow-licious, just like Fru likes.



I spun it while podcasting, I spun it while worrying over her, and I chain plied it during the final days of her treatment and during the watchful waiting for her WBC’s to come back up.

And now, I offer it up to you – for a price!  This is my first skein of handspun I am letting leave my possession, and I am pretty certain it is worthy.  It was a beautiful fiber, a beautiful spin, and oh!  what it could be crafted into!

I am hoping to raise a fair amount of funds with this skein of handspun yarn – all of it to go to Wendy to help offset whatever cost of treatment insurance doesn’t pick up.

Wanna see the yarn?

It’s 270+ yards of a sport-dk weight.


And here’s a good representation of the wraps per inch.



Happy Bidding, and thank you SO MUCH in advance, lucky winner!

(please note, this fiber and subsequent yarn has lived in a pet-friendly, non-smoking yarn.  I may have had a little help spinning from the kitty.)

Episode 101 – Sweater Love

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Giveaway from Twist Fiber Studio! Visit this link then visit this forum, or shoot me an email, or post a comment here, and tell me which campaign incentive you like best, and/or show us some pretty fabric you think could be great inspiration for Ashley! Contest will run through the end of her campaign.

I finsihed the Augusta Cardigan!
I am gung-ho on the #everystitcheveryprayerforfru socks!
I am spinning away at the yarn that will be going up for auction! Please watch all social media for an update of when the auction will go live!
I answer questions! (If I mentioned something and you have questions, please ask.)

See you guys next week!

Episode 100 – This is surreal.

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A lot of things are surreal – what I talk about at the beginning, and the fact that I just typed “Episode 100.”

I hope you enjoy the Q&A – we’ll be doing this for a while. I really like to talk.

Projects I talk about in the episode:
#everystitcheveryprayerforfru socks
Red, White, and Bluebird of Hope
#crushthesack spin for auction – more info to come
Red Ceri
Fave yarns – Elsebeth Lavold Silky Wool, Felici, sparkle bases from Knittyandcolor and The Color Wheel Yarns, Patons Kroy
This Namaste needle case is on my wish list now.
Fave coffee? Vienna Coffee!
Pedro the CampKIP Gnome
Everglades Ebbtide

And….. that’s as far in the questions I could get before I hit 45 minutes! More to come next week! Can’t wait to show you the progress I’ve made on the spinning, socks, and sweater since Sunday!