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Episode 91 – Late Start

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Should’ve named this episode “Nipped Up”! Enjoy the cat antics!

Bonus Round of the Start-along in the threads Knit All The Things and Spin All The Stuffs. If you don’t have a Ravelry account, feel free to email me (mandi AT weareyarn DOT com) your picture and I’ll enter it in the appropriate thread on your behalf! Thanks paintermom of A Riot Of Color for the lovely prize!

Featured FO: Lanois’s Sister Socks


All Of The Spinning!

  • Plied my Loop batt
  • Plied my batt from guild
  • Finished and Plied Knittyandcolor Tidepool merino (she has a coupon for Tour de Fleece right now!!)
  • Started and finished 2 ounces of handdyed goodness by a friend, for the friend, super secret project

Louet was kind enough to send me some fancy undyed fiber and dyes to try my hand at dying with their products, along with some of this gorgeous top in Lichen
The podcast I mention was Yarnspinner’s Tales by Yarnspinnerstales. The episodes about color theory are 54 and 55.

Episode 90 – Bonus Round

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Lots of things guys -

I may be at the SSK market! I’ll keep you posted!

Winners of the Start-along -
Laurie521 won the Daizieknits yarn, CaffeinatedGert won the Fondant Fibre punies! Congrats, ladies!

AND We’re going into a Bonus Round! This month, keep showing me what you’ve started! Using the same threads, start opening a new thread for each thing you start. I’m giving away a skein of superwash merino fingering weight from A Riot of Color and a one-of-a-kind batt from a friend at guild.

FO - Indy Dishcloth out of I Love this Yarn! Stripes in Too Pink.

WIPs -

Spinning -
KnittyandColor merino in Tidepool colorway. Split down the middle lengthwise, spinning end-to-end, will chain ply.

Acquisitions -

  • Some decals to put on my spinning wheel from Old Time Pottery
  • My yarn from the yarn crawl came in - Shepards Wool 3 ply Merino in Sage. SO SOFT.

Tour de Fleece!
Team Caffeinated 2014 - I really have no goal set yet beyond spinning every day.

Still gotta knit that SPAKAL sweater, need to work more from patterns I already own, I finished some socks for the hubs (yay!), and I still have a hairpin lace project, the Sipalu Bag, Radiating Suede Star AfghanAugusta cardigan](/projects/Mandikat/augusta-cardigan), and The Oncoming Storm.

Thank you CoggieTM for KISSy the Sheep!

Episode 89 – The Zombies Retreated!

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Start-Along is going for one more week (through July 3) – show me the yarn you’re working with in this thread for a chance to win some Daizieknits Dewy Lace in the Wicked Cool colorway,and the fiber you’ve put on your wheel in this thread for a chance to win some Fondant Fibre punis in the Emerald City colorway. Full rules posted in the threads, please familiarize yourself with those.




  • Finished the singles from the batts I purchased at Guild! Yay!

ZK Acquisitions: