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Episode 97 – Civic Duty

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You get serenaded by me today, then….

Announcements: Visit the 100th Ask Me Anything thread and, well, ask me anything!

FO: Super Secret Knitting – hat and Mama’s Bluebird. (follow links for deets)

WIP: the usual Bad Wolf Bay Color Affection and Augusta Caridgan (again, follow links for deets)

Spinning: Completed the Alpaca Silk and Fondant Fibre Punis. Visit Fondant Fibre here!

While talking about the Alapca Silk blend, I mentioned Hiwassee Creek Dyeworks Beach Bum andDaizieknits Tango, the Monster Hat, and the Lindisfarne Shawl.

I dyed up some bare fiber with that Louet dye - be watching for another Learn With Me video!

Book: Hand Dyeing Yarn and Fleece: Custom-Color Your Favorite Fibers with Dip-Dyeing, Hand-Painting, Tie-Dyeing, and Other Creative Techniques by Gail Callahan  and her Color Grid. Her interview is at Gynx Yarn’s blog and videocast, The Dyer’s Notebook Ep 94.

That podcast I was talking about - The Knitworthy PodcastBeingBrianne and stoneybrooke, you two are lovely.

Then I went off about how I’m going to spin my next spin. Here’s the picture of the fiber, since the firestar was not at all cooperating.

Learn With Me – Andean Plying

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This week, I bring you a Learn With Me video I shot back in July during the Tour de  Fleece about Andean Plying.  I hope you enjoy!

The video I learned from is by Karen Diaz, and is on youtube here.

This is where I would go to remind myself how to wrap before I wised up and drew it on my tool.

knitty.com discussed a slightly different method for making the bracelet.

Episode 96 – New and Improved

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This week you get to see my New and Improved craft room!

WIPs: “Bad Wolf Bay” Color Affection and the Augusta Cardigan

Spinning: still the alpaca/silk blend from last week – 2 ounces down, 2 to go!

I show you the Interweave Knits Fall 2014 issue.

The bunny is here: Knit Bunnies

Hummingbird Vine.
Vinca Minor.
Hummingbird like the one I saw yesterday!