Episode 129 – One Last Look… (but not what you think)

Episode 129 – One Last Look… (but not what you think)


So, this visit I have a FO, some WIPs…. then some of those WIPS turn into FOs! And some spinning! Also covered… the upcoming demise of a past FO.


  1. Barb Thames says:

    Just a quick hello. It’s good to see you back to being yourself — and yes, there was a definite difference in the first and second parts of this cast. And I enjoyed hearing Isaac in the background just having a wonderful time.

    I’m really glad to see you on the ITW list. Will you be bringing your little guy with you?


  2. Enid Mary Shaw says:

    great to hear Isaak in the background, don’t worry about delay in recording, family comes first xxxxxxxx

  3. Laurie in Maine says:

    Happy baby sounds – my cheeks might hurt from grinning the entire 2nd half!
    Nice to hear you’re feeling back to normal-ish ♥

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