Episode 115 – One-Fifteen

Episode 115 – One-Fifteen


I’m on YouTube, Guys! The link to my channel is at the top of the group page!

The 2015 Goals winners are…. BigD and Owlsflight!  Congrats, Ladies!

Thanks for all your great feedback on the new camera! Just makes me more happy with my purchase!!! By the way, no avoiding the letterboxing today. Still working on that.

FO: All spinning all the time this weekend. Finished the Jacob and started and finished Spartikes Dyes Cheviot in the Baby Unicorn Colorway (see her shop here).

WIPs: Time Travelling Socks of my own design

Spinning: Gale’s Art Velvet Elvis (see her etsy shop here)

This Week on Pinterest: Chicken Noodle Soup! In the Crock Pot! Yummy!!! (I would leave out the rosemary next time, and I added garlic and thyme. So good.)

Two new podcasts: Ichigo Abroad by the adorable ichigo and The Natural Needler by the lovely NaturalNeedler.

Have a great week!


  1. loved your little podcast first time I’ve heard it and yep we are keeping cool here in Darwin Australia x I’m off to check out your Instagram

  2. Hi this is my first time watching your podcast but I wanted to tell you that Knitpicks does sell little joiners so that you can attach multiple cables together (I think that’s what you meant by extenders)

    Katrina (irrakatze on rav)

  3. Barb Thames says:

    Amanda, I haven’t seen or heard a word from you since mid-January. Is everything all right or have I just lost track of you for some reason? I do – sometimes – see a post from you on Rav so I’m thinking you might just be on a vacation from We Are Yarn — but I’d feel much better about it if you would confirm that.


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