Episode 108 – Shakers and Soapboxes

Episode 108 – Shakers and Soapboxes


I’m going on a mini-break this weekend, so quick show notes now! Project details can be found on my project pages!

FO: #everystitcheveryprayerforfru “Brave” socks

WIP: SPAKAL 2012 handspun sweater

Spinning: Dragonfly Fibers Polwarth/Silk – unknown weight, yardage – not even washed yet.

Soapbox: A public response to this editorail comment. Your pharmacist IS a doctor. Not an M.D., but a Pharm.D., and we’re here to help keep you safe. We’re all human, even your physician, and we can all make mistakes. (also: I now realize the author of this letter was a man. I kept saying “she.” Another adendum: If you only have one pharmacy, the pharmacist will have access to our entire prescriptions history and be better able to make judgement calls without calling the physician)

Shakers: here’s a link to the wikipedia article on them, if you want to learn. Here’s a link to the Pleasant Hill Shaker Village if you’re interested in seeing where we went!


  1. I did not realize you’re a pharmacist as well! Thank you so much on your support of the pharmacy profession and explaining the importance of pharmacist. You’re wonderful!

    • I’m sorry it took me so long to respond to your comment – a spam-bot got ahold of my site and you were caught up in the middle of all of it! I’m definitely going to start following your blog – sorry to hear about your kitty!

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