Episode 169 – Maybe I do need more coffee.


Projects discussed today:
And some ancient alpaca from local Frostglen I did a little spinning experiment on!

Remember to get your finished sweaters in the FO thread for this quarter before the end of the month!

Episode 168 – Gremlins!


Oh, how the Gremlins have attacked this week.

First, I’ll show you how they attacked my Swing-back top Swing-back Willow from last year.

Then, how they turned their sights on all three (yes, three) of my current WIPs.
Sand Shore
Dotted Rays

Hope they left you alone! See you next time!

Episode 167 – Imagi-knitting


This week I talk about….
My Lemongrass
My Depth
My GoT socks
And my finished 3 Color Cashmere Cowl

Big shout-out and super thanks to CarolinaSpinner for not only inspiring the Year of the Sweater, but for donating such an amazing prize – a sweater’s quantity of yarn, winner’s choice of weight and color!!! Ashley, you’re the bee’s knees!!

I’ve done some imagiknitting… a lot of it. A few projects I’ve finished in my brain (hah! I wish I had the FO’s!!)
Audra Wrap
Winter Spark
Lilla Bjorn Sweater

….and that’s just a sampling. There are sooo many more projects I wish I could be knitting right now! The right patterns have finally come along for some of my stash yarn and I’m so excited to finally have “homes” for the skeins. Now I just need some knitting time!! Hah!

Please hang around after the end song for a outtake with my little man.